17 Nov 2016

4th Symposium : FuturÂge

November 17, 2016

Location: Faculty of Medicine of the University Pierre and
Marie Curie, Pitié Salpêtrière , 105 Boulevard Hospital , Paris 13th .


Theme : Brain and Aging: Preventing and Serve.


FuturAge organizes every year a multidisciplinary conference on a European scale, on a topic related to longer life.

You can discover the latest knowledge and analysis of research, policy makers and business stakeholders to provide opportunities of shares. It also helps people to testify directly to their expectations.

This year the conference will address with a new look and multidisciplinary brain function and cognitive impairment associated with aging, the perception of the disease, the growing interest in the field of Research and solutions both in institutions for elderly people in new technologies.

International cooperation will allow us to discuss other approaches in other countries.

Objectives of the conference:

-Provide a new understanding of brain evolution with age.

-Question Multidisciplinary scientists and professionals on this issue.

-Set The means and tools to individuals, caregivers, associations, organizations and local communities to meet the needs and expectations of older people.

This event is for :

-Researchers, academics, doctors.

-Associations caregivers and family caregivers themselves.

-Professionals working with the elderly.

-Pension funds and provident.

-the Local authorities.


 Program :

FuturÂge meet you at 8:30 for the first interventions of the day.


-Jean MARIANI, PU-PH, Professor of Cell Biology, UPMC and Charles Foix Hospital

-Jean Pierre AQUINO “Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease”

-Dr. Agnes MICHON, Neurologist, Pitié -Salpêtrière , AP- HP

-Professor Joel Belmin, chief of geriatrics division of the Charles Foix hospital “The management of cognitive disorders at the Hospital Charles Foix”

12h: Buffet and meetings

14h: Roundtables


Panel 1: The management of cognitive disorders in institutions and at home.

Dr. Sylvie Pariel, head of a geriatric center at Charles Foix Hospital, “ambulatory monitoring of Alzheimer’s patients.”

Dr. Marc VERNY, Professor, Head of geriatric, Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital “the link between hospital and home”

Dr. Silvia Vettor, expert specialist in dementia and manager of the specialized center on Dementia – Alzheimer network – The benefits of the home care inteventions of the psychologist.

Arja Peiponen, City of Helsinki, Director of the department of health and social services.

 Panel 2: New technological solutions to maintain brain.

Pierre Foulon, an expert in e-learning, serious games and digital health. Presentation of therapeutic play for patients with Alzheimer’s disease: X-torp.

Yann LAURENT, Anthropologist, National Expertise Center in Cognitive Stimulation.

Maribel PINO, doctor of Psychology / cognitive ergonomics (EPHE), LUSAGE Laboratory.

Benjamin RASPAIL, Happy Visio, secure platform of services dedicated to entertainment and information of the elderly to stay at home.


17h: Conclusion.

18h: Cocktail.

infos pratiques


8h45 - 17h


Faculté de Médecine de l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Hôpital de la Pitié Salpetrière, 105 boulevard de l’hôpital, Paris 13e.